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Whats On At The Theatre

Of course, one of the perks of living Kent is our proximity to London, with all sights and activities our capital has to offer, and with the West End in close reach of most of the county, there are plenty of shows, musicals and attractions to make the most of.

That said, we are spoilt for choice with our local theatres and productions.  If you prefer to support the local community theatre, or simply prefer something a little closer to home, then here is our guide to the theatres in Kent and a taster of forthcoming productions and events.

The Orchard Theatre, Home Gardens, Dartford

1 March, That’ll Be the Day
3 – 7th March, To Kill a Mockingbird
13 – 21st March, Derren Brown
22nd March, Charity Gala Night
26th March, Del Boy & Rodney: The Comedy Dinner
26 – 29th March, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
30th March, Puppetry of the Penis
31st March, Dylan Moran: Off the Hook
1st April, Doris Day: Secret Love
1st April, Joe Longthorn
2nd April, Tom Stade
3rd April, Imagician
4th April, The Sensational 60’s Experience
6th April, Cheryl, Jay and Mike: Formerly of Bucks Fizz
7th April, Aladdin
8th April, Elkie Brooks
9th April, Pam Ayres
12th April, Family Day
11 – 12th April, Sex in Suburbia
13th April, Chuckles in Oz
14 – 15th April, Dinosaur Zoo
15th April, The Hollies
17 – 18th April, Hairspray
19th April, Jethro
20 – 25th April, The Full Monty
27th April – 2nd May, Anything Goes
3rd May, La Traviata
4th May, Jackson Live in Concert
5th May, Ballet Boyz
6th May, Jools Holland
7th May, AL Murray: The Pub Landlord
8th May, Dietrich Letters
8th May, Lee Nelson: Suited and Booted
9th May, Boogie Nights
10th May, Gilbert and Sullivan A La Carte
12 – 16th May, Snow White on Ice
17th May, The Cory Band
18 – 20th May, Stone Cold Murder
21st May, Jasper Carrott: The Bev Bevan Band
23rd May, The Real Thing
24th May, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
25 – 27th May, Treasure Island
27th May, Whitney: Queen of the Night
28th May, UB40
29 – 30th May, Godspell
31st May, Dirty Dusting
1 – 6th June, Peter Pan Goes Wrong
2 – 7th June, The Tiger Who Came to Tea
9 – 13th June, Oklahoma!
16th June, The Three Degrees
17th June, Ronnie Scott’s All Stars Quintet
18th June, The Good Old Days of Variety
18th June, Stewart Lee: A Room with a Stew
20th June, Killer Queen
21st June, Sing-A-Long-A-Frozen
23 – 27th June, Avenue Q
9th July, The Simon & Garfunkel Story
21st July, Stick Man
22nd July, Purple Zepplin
23 – 26th July, Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks
23 – 26th July, Horrible Histories: Incredible Invaders
28th July, Tree Fu Tom
30th July, The Drifters
31st July, Joe Pasquale
1st August, Motown’s Greatest Hits
13 – 15th August, Oliver!
1st September, Basil Brush
11 – 19th September, An Inspector Calls
27th September, Carmen

Granville Theatre, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate, Kent

14th March, Abba Fever
21st March, Gordon Smith: The Best of Both Worlds
15th May, The Counterfeit Sixties Show

Marlowe Theatre, The Friars, Canterbury

3 – 7th March, Cirque Eloize, Cirkopolis
5 – 7th Match, Fleabag
8th March, Sing-A-Long-A-Frozen
8th March, Simon Amstell: To Be Free
9 – 10th March, Coppelia
11 – 12th March, The Nutcracker
11th March, Alun Cochrane: Me Neither
12 – 13th March, So It Goes
13 – 14th March, Swan Lake
15th March, Joan Armatrading
17 – 21st March, Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense
18th March, Circles
20th March, Standby for Tape Back Up
22nd March, Philharmonia Orchestra
23 – 24th March, Beautiful Thing
25 – 28th March, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
27th March, The Most Unnatural Thing
29th March, The Simon & Garfunkel Story
30th March – 4th April, Rebecca
2 – 3rd April, Noises Off
5th April, Rat Pack Live
8th April, Lee Nelson: Suited and Booted
9th April, Sing-A-Long-A-Frozen
9th April, Sing-A-Long-A-Sound of Music
10th April, An Evening of Burlesque
11th April, Duck in the Truck
11th April, Philharmonia Orchestra
14 – 25th April, Top Hat
16 – 17th April, Nursing Lives
17 – 19th April, Dinosaur Zoo
24th April, Gods Are Fallen and All Safety Gone
30th April, Russell Watson
1st May, Stewart Francis: Pun Gent
1st May, A Strange Wild Song
2nd May, Lisa Knapp
3 – 4th May, Yamato Drummers of Japan
5th May, Paul Merton’s Impro Chums
6th May, Dylan Moran: Off the Hook
7th May, Jools Holland
8th May, Shackleton’s Cat
8th May, La Boheme
9th May, The Siege of Calais
12 – 23rd May, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
26 – 30th May, The Pirates of Penzance
29th May, Paul Foot: Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon # Major
31st May, With Laughing Song and Merry Dance
2 – 6th June, Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man
7th June, The Illegal Eagles
8th June, Ministry of Science Live
9th June, Stewart Lee: A Room with a Stew
10th June, Jasper Carrott: The Bev Bevan Band
12th June, Philharmonia Orchestra
13th June, Killer Queen
16 – 20th June, Oklahoma!
21st June, Up Close and Personal with Mandy Winters
23rd June – 4th July, Barnum
6 – 11th July, Dead Simple
12th July, Justin Hayward
14th July, Jimmy Carr: Funny Business
20 – 25th July, Dreamboats and Miniskirts
29 – 30th July, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
4 – 22nd August, Dirty Dancing
13th September, Love is the Sweetest Thing
14 – 26th September, Blood Brothers
29th September – 3rd October, Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks
30th September – 3rd October, Horrible Histories: Incredible Invaders
6 – 10th October, Wuthering Heights
3 & 5th November, Don Pasquale

Hazlitt Arts Centre, Earl Street, Maidstone

28th February, The Dolly Parton Story
1st March, Sing-A-Long-A-Frozen
5th March, Doris Day: Secret Love
6th March, Oye Santana
8th March, Joe McElderry
14 – 15th March, Dance of Ages
18th March, Some Enchanted Evening
23 – 28th March, 42nd Street
3 – 4th April, Déjà vu
18th April, Money for Nothing
21 – 25th April, The Game’s Afoot
29th April – 2nd May, The Full Monty
5th May, Stewart Francis, Pun Gent
7th May, Cloudbusting
8th May, The Bee Gees
9th May, Back to Broadway
23rd May, An Evening with Julian Lloyd Webber
12th September, Basil Brush
20th November, The Elvis Years

Assembly Hall Theatre Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells

6th March, A Night of Dirty Dancing
7th March, Rigoletto
9 – 14th March, The Full Monty
26th March, Glenn and Friends
27th March, Dr Hook
28th March, John Cooper Clarke
1st April, Lee Nelson
2nd April, Bootleg Beatles
5 – 6th April, The Wizard of Oz
10th April, T Rextasy
14 – 15th April, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom
16th April, The Illegal Eagles
17th April, Dylan Moran: Off the Hook
18th April, Sex in Suburbia with Claire Sweeney
21 – 25th April, Sister Act
1st May, La Traviata
2nd May, Madama Butterfly
3 – 4th May, The Tiger Who Came to Tea
14th May, Jools Holland
15th May, Paul Merton’s Impro Chums
16th May, The Counterfeit Stones
28th May, Sing-A-Long-A-Frozen
29th May, Stewart Francis: Pun Gent
31st May, Ministry of Science Live
1 -6th June, Avenue Q
12th June, Killer Queen
13th June, That’ll Be The Day
14th June, Chuckles of Oz
2 – 4th July, Alan Ayckbourn’s Absent Friends
21 – 24th July, Snow White on Ice
28th July – 1st August, Calamity Jane

Trinity Theatre, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells

4th March.  RSC: Love’s Labour’s Won
7th March, Fawlty Towers: Dinner is Served
8th March, Bolshoi: Romeo & Juliet
13th March, Andrew Lawrence: Reasons to Kill Yourself
14th March, Jekyll and Hyde
17th March, ROH Cinema Swan Lake
27th March, Teechers
10th April, Inspector Morse: House of Ghosts
11th April, Arthur Smith: At Your Service
22nd April, We Fainted Alternately on the Sofa: Jane Austen in the Making
24th April, Lysistrata
28th April – 2nd May, Donkey’s Years
22nd May, Robin Hood
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